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Category : Design tools · by May 14th, 2014



Showcase your mockups or work-in-progress with Mail’ette. Clients often demand to see your progress during different stages of the project. By using Mail’ette you can provide great snapshots of your work, all compiled in a neat PDF or a link with all your mockups. You’ll never have to worry about attachments not uploading properly or images being lost. Mail’ette also provides an approval and feedback service which your clients can use to approve your work. Mail’ette also includes an online invoicing service as part of its package.



Are you tired of manually slicing up your Photoshop files? Save yourself the time and trouble by letting Slicy do all the tedious work, so you can concentrate on creating the very best designs. Name the layers you wish to export (such as Header.png), then drag your PSD file into Slicy and watch as your PSD file gets broken up into separate elements. Slicy will also automatically create retina-ready images from your standard PSD files, further reducing the amount of work you have to do.



Think of Skitch as Snapchat for designers, except you also have the ability to edit images and create annotations. Communicate more clearly and quickly through images with the use of Skitch and its various features. It’s not so much a social media platform, but a productivity tool which allows users to have effective visual communication with one another. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of writing long-winded emails just send them a picture with Skitch.


Marin Petrov is a young freelancer and designer from Sofia, Bulgaria. As a founder of FrelancerStuff and owner of PMD Studio, he enjoys posting and sharing his experiences in freelancing and design with others.

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