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Design Principles

Category : Help, school · by Mar 9th, 2015


Learn Design Principles is an easy-to-follow guide to a variety of design principles, all in one place. It gives a brief overview of the main principles: Axis, Symmetry, Hierarchy, and Rhythm, before diving into a more in-depth explanation of each and additional principles that relate to each.

01. Axis

Axis is the most basic and most common organizing principle. Simply stated, axis is an imaginary line that is used to organize a group of elements in a design. In diagrams, axis is represented as a dashed line.

02. Symmetry

Symmetry is when elements are arranged in the same way on both sides of an axis. Perfect symmetry is when elements are mirrored over the axis and exactly the same on both sides.

03. Hierarchy

Hierarchy is when an element appears more important in comparison to other elements in a design.

04. Rhythm

Rhythm is the movement created by a repeated pattern of forms.

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Marin Petrov is a young freelancer and designer from Sofia, Bulgaria. As a founder of FrelancerStuff and owner of PMD Studio, he enjoys posting and sharing his experiences in freelancing and design with others.

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