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Free file sharing tools

Category : Design tools · by May 14th, 2014

Google Drive


Google Drive is a free file sharing app that allows you to host and share your design files. With Google Drive you can allocate who to share the file with or set it as a private file. Google Drive can also act as a digital backup of your files, which can be accessed from your mobile device and any computer. Google Drive is also tied to your Google account, which means sharing files with your Google contacts is extremely easy and it can be distributed to other Google services.



Dropbox is a popular alternative to Google Drive. They both perform the same functions, however Dropbox lacks the additional Google options and functions that Google Drive possesses such as team collaboration.



Evernote is a file sharing program with additional support and features for document sharing. It acts as a great platform for sharing documents such as PDFs with its in-built reader, and it is also great for recording and sharing notes, using its document capabilities. Once you upload or change a document in Evernote, it will automatically sync and then can be accessed in the future by any computer with Evernote installed.


Marin Petrov is a young freelancer and designer from Sofia, Bulgaria. As a founder of FrelancerStuff and owner of PMD Studio, he enjoys posting and sharing his experiences in freelancing and design with others.

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