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Category : Design tools · by May 14th, 2014



TeamBox is a collaboration platform with a heavy focus on project management. While most freelancers may work as sole traders, there might be times when you need to work with someone else or you join/form a group. TeamBox gives you the management software you need to make collaborations a seamless experience, therefore reducing the amount of time and energy needed to manage group work.



Productivity is a problem for many freelancers, especially for those working in groups. Sometimes it can feel like the endless discussions on Skype could be reduced to a few sentences. Blimp allows you to assign tasks, create discussions, chat and manage multiple projects within its wonderful platform. Spend less time on miscellaneous tasks and more time on what you do best.


Marin Petrov is a young freelancer and designer from Sofia, Bulgaria. As a founder of FrelancerStuff and owner of PMD Studio, he enjoys posting and sharing his experiences in freelancing and design with others.

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