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Category : Design tools · by May 14th, 2014



Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework that allows developers and designers to easily and quickly create responsive websites. Bootstrap has the unique ability to let you customize your framework, by allocating your desired grid size. The framework will then do the necessary calculations to allow you to build a website with your desired grid size and then generate a file for you to download with all the necessary HTML and CSS files.



Designmodo’s very own design framework is built for companies who want a professional yet affordable website solution. Startup features a heavy focus on design, with the ability to change the framework to your liking. The Startup framework also comes with sleek animations and HQ images which can be used as mockups if you don’t have your own images prepared. Designmodo realizes the need for an affordable but professional website framework and has provided the necessary tools and materials for any company to build their own website.


Marin Petrov is a young freelancer and designer from Sofia, Bulgaria. As a founder of FrelancerStuff and owner of PMD Studio, he enjoys posting and sharing his experiences in freelancing and design with others.

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